Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haiti and snow...lots and lots of snow.

On December 3rd Frankie and I flew back to Saipan to spend 6 weeks with the families. We got back to North Carolina on January 12th, the next day the Haiti earthquake hit. Joe was deployed to Haiti on a humanitarian mission within a week. In all we got to spend about a day and a half with him since December 3rd. Since December 3rd Frankie has learned how to roll over and sit up by himself. His Daddy hasn't been able to see it yet. The other day he got up on his knees and tried (unsuccessfully) to crawl. Joe's orders say they will be in Haiti until July. I pray everyday that he will be home in time just to see his baby crawl.

The day Joe left Frankie and I packed up the car and drove up to Maryland. Then it snowed, and snowed, and snowed. The DC metro area (where we were) hadn't seen that much snow since 1922. Everything was shut down, including the federal government. We were stuck in the house for days hoping our power wouldn't go out. My sister graciously let us share her bed and bedroom. Although I enjoyed seeing family, it was hard not having our own space. So one morning the tv announced major highways were cleared and the next blizzard wouldn't be hitting until later that afternoon, we jumped back in the car and headed back to North Carolina. I have to admit it's been lonely here. We've been passing the time redecorating the house and going shopping. I miss Maryland, but I'm too scared to go back just in case Joe comes back earlier than expected.

They finally got internet in Haiti which has been a big relief. For the last few weeks Joe has only been able to call about every 4 days and we never talk more than 15 minutes. At least now he can e-mail us. And they just got an address down there too, Frankie just finished packing his first box for Daddy to be mailed tomorrow :)